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Company / About us

g.a.d.e - Authentic Italian

G.A.D.E. was founded in 1980 thanks to the will of four partners, all of whom are still working in the company.
Following market’s growing demand and thanks to the reliability, robustness and user friendliness of the products we offer, the company has experienced a period of great expansion and has succeeded by increasing its market share, and consequently the number of orders.
The company currently manufactures machinery for the sheet metal industry and operates principally with three product lines: electronically synchronized press brakes, electric press brakes and hydraulic guillotine shears.
One of the company’s main feature and quality aspect is that it carries out a large part of the whole process itself. From the design throughout the sales, company’s expert and qualified technical staff and agents are working while being also constantly updated and trained in the latest production technologies.
The company welcomes innovation and is constantly making improvements by continuously updating its products. The whole manufacturing cycle of our machines takes place within the company; for this reason g.a.d.e. is proud to consider its product a REAL ITALIAN PRODUCT.
From the quality point of view the company pursues a dual strategy: on one side all customer’s request and suggestions are carefully studied and analyzed, while on the other side market researches are carried out on various aspects linked to the product itself.