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Products / Electric press brakes

PE Series

The Machine

The PE and PE-C electric press brake range was developed thanks to a cooperation between g.a.d.e. and MechLav Laboratory specialized in the advanced mechanics, an engineering department related with the University of Ferrara.


In concept this kind of press brakes applies the principle of an electrical hoist with pulleys connected in series which move the tool holder (top beam) through high resistance drive belts (see diagram below).

According to the motor power and to the number of belt gears our machines have a working force much higher than that of traditional electric press brakes with ball screw or roller bearings.


The placing of several idle pulleys along the length of tool holder, guarantees a total absence of deflections in the central part also if machine is subject to overloads.

This, however, does not apply for the lower beam which, resting on the extremities, could be subject to deflections in case of overload bending.


g.a.d.e. wanted to move a step forward and in order to guarantee to its customers max. bending precision, has designed the first electrical press brake with ACTIVE hydraulic crowning and highly efficient energy saving system.

To achieve this, the motor of the hydraulic group, managed by the CNC, is activated only for the time crowning is required.

Among the peculiarities that make g.a.d.e. electric press brake extremely versatile and efficient there are noiseless performance and use of slides made of high-tech material, lubrication-free even over long working periods.

Moreover, the high acceleration given by the press brake electrical control allows a drastic reduction of the bending cycle for two main reasons:

  • Approaching stroke made ENTIRELY at maximum descent speed;
  • No machine stop at speed change point is required.

The features above together with an innovative and original design make Italian quality once more unique and here enhanced by g.a.d.e. through its products dedicated to the sheet metal bending.

Bending length from 1600 to 4100mm. Bending power from 400 to 2200 kN.

Colour-graphic numerical control, from 6 to 10 axes.

The press brakes are always supplied with adjustable intermediate clamps, pneumatic top tool clamping system, hardened and ground tooling (PROMECAM system).

Customization on request to meet even the most complex request from customers.

  • CNC color graphic control with 6 axes (Y1-Y2-X-R-Z1-Z2);
  • Intermediate clamp H = 100 mm. or H = 150 mm. according to machine model;
  • Hardened and ground tooling in sections;
  • Laser beam safety system mod. MCS;
  • Software KVARA PC for office programming;
  • Pneumatic top tool clamping system;
  • Rear protection through light barrier;
  • Narrow bench;
  • Front support arms sliding on ball bearing guide;
  • Guides made of lubrication-free material.
  • Hemming bench.
  • Extra axes from 7th yto 10th (X5-X6-A1-A2);
  • Increase of X axis stroke from 500 to 750 mm.;
  • Pneumatic clamping of bottom die;
  • Complete Wila equipment;
  • Pneumatic hemming bench managed by the CNC;
  • CNC touchscreen;
  • Machine customization.



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